1999 ~ 2000

Here’s another ancient piece of code of mine, from around the turn of the century. This was version 2 of a previous Reversi (Othello) game I had built in Turbo Pascal a year or two earlier. The old one was a two-players game. In this one you could play against the computer.

I had already developed a dithering tool, inspired by Windows 3.1’s Paint program, and I knew I could improve the looks. My good old friend Javier Feliú helped me by modeling and rendering the chips over the green board using 3DStudio on his 133MHz Pentium computer and I used my tool convert the images to 16 colors. Yes, just 16 colors :)

I wrote the code in Turbo C on my 16 Mhz 386 with 1.8 MB of RAM. This was one of my largest projects in that PC. At some point I got tired of waiting minutes for it to compile.

Since these were the times of MS-DOS, I have to use a DOS emulator to run it. Here’s how it looks on DosBox:

If you want to peruse the code (it’s quite immature), it is [here][turboc-reversi]. (TODO: upload it)