My last post got more attention from my friends thanks to the illustration of my HooToo than for the fact that I put OpenVPN inside it. Some doubted I had done it myself, so here’s a little more info.

After I managed to get OpenVPN running I was really excited and I wanted to write a post about it, and I wanted to include an illustration of my HooToo. I took several pictures but I didn’t like any, mostly because the router is worn and because my phone camera is not that great.

So, seeing that it was almost all geometric shapes or text, I tried to reproduce one of the pictures in Inkscape. I chose this one:

I imported the image in Inkscape, zoomed-it big and drew lines and curves on top of it, reproducing the shapes I found. I filled it with colors, gradients and some occasional blurring to give it volume. And I added a dark and blurred copy of the basic square shape as shadow. I also left out details that I thought looked bad, like the icons below the Ethernet & USB ports.

I didn’t record the entire process, not having foreseen this post, but here’s an exploded version of the final drawing.

Of course, you can check it for yourself, just get the SVG.